Monthly Archives: May 2010

I use special Auto-changes SQL scripts to control database structure and data of .NET/MSSQL projects. Maybe later I’ll write more about it. Let’s say it’s mostly the set of T-SQL code chunks to provide changes in your local development or live production database or some staging or QA server.

In opposite to this single SQL file way, South DB migration tool for Django framework has separated file per each change. We call such change a migration. It’s not SQL file that change something in DB directly, but python module that provide changes via ORM. It’s ok to run pure SQL statements as well.

Each migration has 2 ways (methods) forward to go to this migration and backward for jumping to previous migration in the sequence.

There is migration sequence may be provided per each Django application.

So, the sense is to create migration and then apply it.

From time to time I feel any task routine. Everything were done a lot of times even in different ways. The fun is going away like expansion of universe.

iPhone development as absolutely different way can provide you so much fun that you image yourself like in good old days. Everything different is exciting. iPhone platform development is the most cool stuff at this point of view.

1) There is Objective-C. Keep in mind, it’s not C++ OOP’s but like pure C + different view at OOP concept, design and implementation. Even syntax is different. Any programming language is as interesting as it’s outstanding from others.

2) Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks really cool areas used all power of Obj-C.

3) xCode IDE and IB are also interesting and outstanding tools. Well, they are not too much outstanding but have sufficient features.