Pure PHP/JavaScript AJAX example as test task

Several weeks ago I’ve done simple PHP AJAX editor of dummy strings list. It was test task for the interview. There are list of strings saved in MySQL table and AJAX CRUD web interface.

The most fun point was a condition to avoid any JS or PHP framework. It means pure PHP and pure JS, as I understand, just to test coding skills. I realized that I’m using different frameworks for already long period of time. I can’t imagine myself coding without jQuery, for example. I remember those times but it was so long time ago…

Here is my implementation of example composed into single file: single_file.php


1 comment
  1. Ajju said:

    I was searching for php + ajax crud, which should be pure. What ever search I got was using JQuery or frameworks. I still wanted to do on my own. This examples, will help me a lot I guess. Thank you !!

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