Flash/AS3 developer interview

Yesterday, I interviewed AS3 coder position candidate. The most of times, I’m taking my part on job interview as candidate, but not yesterday.
This guy looks ok as coder. He’s provided nice sources and done with test task in half of day. But I want to talk about other thing.

Another opinion at line of hiring was about more strict test task, real one task. It would take much more time to do such real implementation. So, this test task would not look like test one. Keep in mind, the test task is just to check the skills of a candidate. On the other hand, the candidate may feel hurt by interviewer if asked for too complicated unpaid work. The company may looks like empire of evil in the eyes of stranger. Nobody wants to work in bad team or work in bad team for less money.

So, let’s being kind company with smiles that looks amazing in people eyes.

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  1. Alexander Alexeychuk said:

    Hello Steve!I think it would be better to ask them to implement some simple game like tic-tac-toe or ‘gues the number’.+ it’s interesting/creative for both of you: applicant to design and implement and you to look into source code and test it.+ from one side it should not take too much time, from other side it would be overall test of skills: OOP design; ability to make things done; code style.Thanks,Alex

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