Android application: Schulte Tables

Today I published my free android application Schulte Tables in Android Market. It’s classic training tool to increase speed of reading.


There are 2 activities, custom table control with pinch-to-zoom feature and optional sound effects. It support both the landscape and the portrait orientation.


  1. Dmitry said:

    On pads (tf300, for example), white-on-black mode and vertical position there are too much white both above and below table. Not comfortable for eyes.
    Overwise, very cute app.

    • Dmitry said:

      “Overwise”=”However”. My mistake.

    • Hello Dmitry!

      Thank you very much for your feedback!
      I agree with you that on pad it would be too big/wide in fullscree size.
      There is resize option in settings.
      So, if you turn it on, then you will be able to resize the table by standard resize gesture.


      • Dmitry said:

        No, problem is not in the size of work-area. Problem is in the brightness of background above and below work-area (ultra-height status area), then the pad in the vertical mode.

        p.s. I do not use Russian, because your site is oriented to the English-spoken visitors.

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