Monthly Archives: September 2012

Just setup Redmine Issues Checker Google Chrome extension. It would be useful if you practice redmine issues tracker and google chrome web browser.

Last week I’ve created profiler tool for our new social RPG game. It’s WPF application connected via HTTP to the game server. I used MVVM pattern to decouple prety complicated workflow into several ViewModel’s. I used MVVM Light Toolkit. The main goal here is to have stable and robust implementation that would be easy to understand and change later.


There is not a function for restoring several deleted files in standard dropbox interface. Fortunately, there is dropbox API. I created simple script to restore all dropbox files recursively.

  1. You need to register dropbox application at with Full Dropbox access type.
  2. Then you need to put your App key and App secret to the script.
  3. Run it under python 2.x
  4. Then it will ask you for authorization via provided URL.
  5. After authorization press Enter to start restoring process.