Monthly Archives: June 2017

db-9I just finished an experiment with COM-to-COM communication via RS-232. I installed Debian on old box with 1G RAM. There is a COM port. The idea is to try to connect my regular dual boot Linux/Window system to it via null-modem cable. I bought 2 DB-9 connectors and soldered that cable. There 3 wires: TX-RX, RX-TX and GND-GND. This is minimal null-modem cable. Both systems are linux boxes. I installed minicom tool by sudo apt-get install minicom. I have no /dev/modem, which is used in minicom by default, so, I configured /dev/ttyS0. Look, it needs to have the same serial settings on both ends, and turn off hardware flow control. For better UX, turn on echo by ^ae short-cut and line feed by ^aa. After that, typing of one minicom is duplicated in another. If it needs to transfer files, then lrzsz should be installed as well by sudo apt-get install lrzsz. That tool provides {x,y,z}modem protocols for files transferring via serial.