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From time to time we need to translate some application from one platform/language to another. For example, we need to implement the same mobile/social game for web/flash, iOS and Android. Of course, we can use some multi-platform framework like Corona to build such system, but it’s not so power like native software development tools.

The idea is to design and implement the core (model) of the game in some universal module in Lua programming language. The model may be pretty complicated for the games like chess or poker. I implemented the game ‘Guess The Number’ in Lua as an example. Then I separated the model:

GuesGame = {}GuesGame.WIN = 1GuesGame.LOSE = 2GuesGame.GREATER = 3GuesGame.LESS = 4GuesGame.MIN = 1GuesGame.MAX = 10GuesGame.MAX_TRY = 3function GuesGame:new()        return setmetatable({                _counter = GuesGame.MAX_TRY        }, {                __index = GuesGame        })endfunction GuesGame:start()        self._x = math.random(GuesGame.MIN, GuesGame.MAX)        self._counter = 0endfunction GuesGame:play(a)        if self._counter >= GuesGame.MAX_TRY then                return GuesGame.LOSE        end        self._counter = self._counter + 1        if a == self._x then                return GuesGame.WIN        else                if self._counter >= GuesGame.MAX_TRY then                        return GuesGame.LOSE                elseif self._x > a then                        return GuesGame.GREATER                else                        return GuesGame.LESS                end        endend

As you can see, there is just classic ‘guess the number’ game. The program chooses integer number from 1 to 10 randomly. And the player is trying to guess it in 3 tries.

Next steps were implementation of the game as console applications in pure lua, Objective-C and Java. Lua engine is built as C library, so, there are not problems with Objective-C. In case of Java I used LuaJ. Keep in mind, I used exactly the same lua code of the game model for all implementations. Generally, it was not only that lua code. I need to add some support code for initialization and interface with UI side implemented in native language specified for the appropriate case.

E:ProjectsGuesGamepure_Lua>lua GuesGame.luaq - quit, s - start new game, 1-10 - guesTry to gues a number between 1 and 10?5Less3Win! :-)q

After that I implemented iOS version as iPhone application in the same way. There were no problems at all.


To do flash (action script) game I used lua via alchemy. It costs me some performance. Alchemy is going slow at line of calling it from action script side because of huge serialization. So, if you are going to touch you game model often, then you better avoid such scenario and port the model to action script.


We can’t use LuaJava on Android as for pure Java because of differences in JVM. So, I used Android NDK to compile lua engine as C module for Android game.


Last week I finished with desing and implementation of tournaments feature of our social game about army.
Taking just raw idea of the tournament I’ve done both the server side (C#.NET+MSSQL) and the client side (Flash+ActionScript3), communication protocol, designed gameplay workflow and formalized details of UI for artist to make art. As result, there is a nice feature in the game.

One more time I have ability to prove the ability to work very productive as both the client side and the server side developer beyond the opinion of other people who claimed that it’s impossible.



Already several months I’m working on “Great Empire“. It’s a game for social network. For now it’s already customized and successfully used in several networks. It’s really insteresting project with huge amount of different tasks: Flash/ActionScript 3 client side programming, server side, DB and performance optimization, game desing. I’m very happy to be useful not just as software developer but as project manager and analyst as well.